About Highline Equipment

Highline Equipment provides high quality products for the New Zealand, Australian and Oceania markets sourced from the world's leading manufacturers.

Highline Equipment's Cleanburn range of waste oil furnaces use fuel from waste and used oil for home, industrial and glasshouse heating allowing an environment friendly way of recycling waste-oil in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific / Oceania region.

Highline's range of Brave log splitters are widely used by hire companies, farmers, foresters, firewood merchants and the home handyman. Various models available at competitive prices.


Millcreek levellers and farm equipment are also a boon to orchard, nursey, vineyard and farms everywhere. With the ability to provide product to compost, mulch, spread, level, these implements and tools can be attached to mini garden tractors and will assist agricultural soil preparation everywhere.


Our customer focus is to provide durable, competitively priced products that are easy to use and are friendly to the environment.