Highline Equipment's Cleanburn range of waste oil furnaces and incinerators use fuel from waste and used oil for home, industrial and glasshouse heating allowing an environment friendly way of recycling waste-oil in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific / Oceania region.

Almost everyone in the automotive and trucking industry is aware of used-oil (or waste oil) furnaces. Burning used oil to heat a shop, warehouse or other building is very smart. You avoid the EPA liability for improper disposal of used oil, a cradle-to-grave responsibility placed on every producer of used oil. Even better, it means FREE HEAT!

A used-oil furnace is specialized technical equipment, because burning standard fuel oil is very different from burning used (waste) oils. They are two completely different technologies. A standard oil furnace cannot burn used oils. But a good used-oil furnace or boiler can burn both fuels.

That is why Clean Burn is engineered from the ground up exclusively to burn used oils, and burns standard fuel oil for added versatility. And that is one simple reason why Clean Burn is the industry leader in used-oil (waste-oil) furnaces and related equipment.

Please follow this link to www.cleanburn.com for more detailed information.