Client Testimonials

Highline Equipment's range of Clean Burn Furnaces and Water Heating Systems have been installed in various locations across Australia and New Zealand. Below you will find a selection of comments and testimonials from our satisfied customers.

"Thought you would be pleased to know we are in full operation and your unit is running like a dream. I'm actually surprised at the heat it provides, even the large workshop is clearly warmer, so everyone here is very happy with the outcomes, particulary this week with such cold weather. We setup a PLC control so if folks forget to turn it off and head away home, it will only run for a max of two hours before it shuts down. Very Simple. Also the gusty southerly winds this week haven't affected the flue at all.

No problem using this installation as a demo if you ever need to, it's quite impressive.

Bob Smillie, Services Manager, Port Otago - Dunedin

"Doubly efficient, rids you of waste oil and gives a fast effective heat"

Rachel Duffy, Beckers Transport Co - Oturehua

"Wonderful being able to let the staff run the heater anytime they want to, and very cost effective"

Phil Downing, Caroline Motors - Timaru

"The Cleanburn furnace we purchased off you has proven to be a winner with both our staff and our customers as it easily heats our underfloor 430sqm workshop and showroom/office areas"

Perry Allen, Torque Marine - Wanaka

"I have installed four of these Clean Burners including one in my own property and all four are doing what the manufacturer said they would, if you have access to waste oil they are definitely the way to go."

Steve Davidson, Managing Director, Premier Heating Services Ltd - Ashburton