Long Term Benefits

Good News. Clean Burn Costs A Little More, You Get A Whole Lot More.

A Clean Burn waste oil furnace initially costs more than any other competitive unit. That's not a bad thing. It's a very good thing if you care about the following facts.

Clean Burn Long Term Savings

The higher initial cost of a Clean Burn buys you a waste oil furnace that will last longer, perform more reliably, be easier to clean and maintain, cost less to service, and give you a far greater return on your investment than any other waste oil heating system, period.

You get the world's most advanced technology for recovering heat from waste oils. With Clean Burn you get better engineering, heavier materials, unrivaled craftsmanship, and unequaled sales and support service for the specialized job of heating with waste oils.

Long-Term Benefits

As a reward for paying more initially, here is what you can expect over the life of your Clean Burn waste oil furnace.

  • Longer Service Life
    As you can see, with Clean Burn your return on investment over time far exceeds that of lesser units. One basic reason is that others don't last as long as a Clean Burn.
  • Better Heat Extraction
    Another reason for this outstanding return is that a Clean Burn furnace extracts more usable heat from the waste oil you have. That means in the coldest winter you will most likely not have to purchase fuel oil to make up the shortfall that a less efficient furnace may leave you with.
  • Greater Reliability
    Clean Burn furnaces enjoy a matchless reputation for reliability and trouble-free performance. You'll have less need for replacement parts and service, and less inconvenience due to furnace outages. As a matter of fact, Clean Burn waste oil furnaces perform reliably even in the coldest weather conditions, including many installations in Siberia.
  • Easier Maintenance
    The maintenance interval of a Clean Burn waste oil furnace is about 1000 hours of operating time. Some competitive units typically require cleaning much more frequently.